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At Gállány Cosmetics, we pride ourselves on selling makeup with natural ingredients. Gállány Cosmetics was developed by chemist Ida Gál-Csiszar; her knowledge and the ingredients she uses in makeup are what make this some of the best makeup for aging skin. We incorporate natural ingredients — like aloe leaf extract, Hungarian lilac extract, hyaluronic acid, shea butter, and many others — in our products. Because of this, you get high-quality, anti-aging makeup that works when you buy cosmetics from us.

Whether you’re looking for a hydrating setting spray or foundation for very dry skin, we can help. Our face products include concealer, foundation, pressed powder, blush, bronzer, and facial mist, and all of these safe makeup products will give your face the natural glow you love so much. Instead of caking on makeup that isn’t good for your skin and causes acne or other skin conditions, order makeup online from us and do your skin a favor. With our foundation for dry, sensitive skin, for example, you get makeup that both looks and feels great on your skin.

It’s makeup that thinks it’s skincare. What are you waiting for? Take a look at our professional makeup products and get to work on that perfect contour!

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  1. Second Skin Light Diffusing Concealer
  2. Second Skin Light Diffusing Foundation
  3. Second Skin Light Diffusing Pressed Powder
  4. Celestial Skin Luminizing Powder
  5. Cheek & Face Duo
  6. Eye, Cheek & Face Trio
  7. Lustrous Facial Mist
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7 Items

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